So last Tuesday, I did the unthinkable. I dropped my BlackBerry in my coffee.  And if you know me, you know I’m always on my phone.  Talking, texting, checking in, tweeting, blogging.   I was actually talking to someone when it happened, and for a few blissful seconds, my phone kept working.  But then, silence.

Immediately I called my wireless company hoping- no, praying- that I had been smart enough to purchase insurance.  “Of course,” said the nice man from Verizon, “We’ll have your brand new BlackBerry to you by tomorrow.”  Thank heaven.  Just then a client came into the office, while my co-worker was out to lunch, forcing me to put the Verizon customer service agent on hold.  2 hours later when I remembered my phone call, I rushed back to my land line thinking he might still be waiting.  Nope.

With back to back appointments for the rest of the day, 6 o’clock rolled around before I knew it.  I told myself  I’d call & order my new phone tomorrow.  How hard can it be to be without a phone for one day? I have a backup phone with a separate number that has been with me through the ages.  I think it’s been my backup phone about 5 times now.  Only 6 people have this number.  My sisters, my boyfriend, and my parents.

It was a lot easier than I thought.  I wasn’t worrying about what my friends were doing on Facebook, who was taking over my mayorships that I had worked so hard to attain on Foursquare,  who was texting me to find out where I was or what I was up to.  It was so freeing, I put off ordering my new phone for another day.  And another day.  And here I am, 7 days later, still without my phone.

It has been a quiet & relaxing week.

But now, I am ready to talk, to tweet, to text.  I miss my interaction with the outside world.  But, it is nice to talk a digital vacation every once in a while.  Next time, though, I’ll just turn my phone off instead of dropping it in my latte.