I realize it’s 2010 and I’m a little late, okay 15 years late, hopping on the band wagon.  But about a month ago I discovered just how profitable EBAY can be.  Okay, I didn’t exactly make a fortune, but just taking 10 minutes on a Tuesday night to upload a few pictures of some old stuff I had and posting it to MyEbay, really paid off.

Moving from a 4 bedroom house with my family to a tiny, studio apartment meant that I had to simplify my possesions.  The things I decided I didn’t need included an oversize Dooney & Bourke tote, 3 out-of-style Coach purses, a couple old cameras, and a couple outdated pieces from over-packed closet.  In just a few minutes, the items were posted with a couple amatuer photographs, and voila! My little ebay shoppe was up and running.  Now of course, not everything sold right away…some people just don’t see the value in some old, tore up, never-had-any-style  jeans…but it was a fun experience and put a little extra cash in my pocket…not to mention the rush from last minute bidders fighting for the win.

That’s all for today…Now, I’m off to enjoy the beautiful Sacramento weather and walk a few blocks to the Second Saturday Art Walk festivities.  See you there!