Recently I became the proud renter of my very own apartment, complete with a leaky faucet, an empty refrigerator, and next-to-zero closet space.  Don’t get me wrong, the feeling that comes with being out on my own for the first time is freeing, exhilarating and exhausting.  I’ve lived with a few of roommates over the past 5 years, but nothing is quite like living alone.  You can eat what you want, stay out late, sleep all day if you want, spend your money how you want, go on vacation at a moment’s notice.  Except, you can’t.  And, if you do, you’ll be eating Cup O Noodles  for the rest of the month in the dark (which sometimes is worth it).  You have to be at work, on time, everyday.  You have to pay your bills, on time, every month.  But once you master these things, the rest just falls into place.

Living in the world is a brave thing for anyone to do, and I’ve never had more fun in my life.

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