Some people choose their apartments by the amount a square footage, how many upgrades, how many bedrooms, etc.  In my case, I chose my apartment based on its amazing location (besides the obvious cost of rent to take into consideration).  No, it doesn’t have an amazing view- it doesn’t even have a dishwasher- but to me, my home is my haven, and East Sac is my heaven.  You may or may not have read my post about Why I Love Sacramento, but regardless I have to reiterate how much I’ve come to adore this city of tree-lined streets, cottage filled neighborhoods, and corner cafe-bistros.

Obviously, a teenie-tiny, itty-bitty apartment is not for everyone.  But for me, it’s perfect.  Yes, I do wish I had a dishwasher, or at least a garbage disposal.  Heck, I’d even enjoy an actual full-size bedroom.  But there is something very sweet and humbling about my first apartment on my own.

To make my first place feel a little more like home, I have strategically placed memories throughout my humble abode.  Photographs-to remind me of  brilliant points in my life, and those who have helped in making my world a precious place, souvenirs from my travels around the world -coffee mugs from Istanbul, salt & pepper shakers from Nice, and old camera from a road trip I took with my father as a child, limoncello from Sicily, jewelry from Tunisia, and a few modern conveniences that make living on my own a little more fun- a coffee maker my God-sent sister, Deb, got me as a gift, two lamps I found in the clearance center of Target, and my laptop (need I say more?).  I don’t have much, but what I have, I love.

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