As my first blog post begins, I just want to say that I am no expert on blogging. In fact, I’m so green that I have never had my own blog. I actually just starting blogging over the past month or so for the company I work for, Michael Greene & Company.

I was hired here at Michael Greene & Co almost a year ago, as marketing director and event planner.  So far, it’s been a very interesting year. Before joining the cast of MGC, I worked as a remote marketing rep for LHK, a marketing firm in Philadelphia, PA.  MGC is definitely a different atmosphere, but I love it.  Since becoming marketing director I’ve planned numerous charity events, local jewelry shows, as well as being part of an Emmy suite this past September, which was just as exciting as it sounds.  When I interviewed for my position, Michael asked me if I get nervous around celebrities.  Of course, I hesitated in showing any excitement as the prospect of meeting celebrities, I figured he was just trying to get me excited about the position and I probably would never meet any actual celebrities.  I was wrong.  Since starting here last March, as a wided-eyed bushy tailed newby, I’ve probably met 100 A-list celebs, and have acted equally goofy each time. Michael definitely caters to the rich and famous, but I love the fact that he takes just as much time and consideration with the everyday customers, whom are just as important.  Working in the office has allowed me to see what happens behind the scenes, and I have been very impressed with what I’ve witnessed.  More of that in another blog.

So amongst all the events of the year, the big ONE, the party I spent the majority of the year stressing about, finally came.  This party, my first real event on my own, had to show my boss and co workers, family, and everyone else out there, including myself, that I could actually plan a decent party at only age 23.  Proud to say, my event went off without a hitch…well, sort of.  There was the moment in the night, before the guests arrived, when one of the bars broke, don’t ask me how, and we lost around $1,000 in alcohol and $300 in glassware.  Not a good way to start off the night.   But, once the very helpful bar staff (thanks, L Wine Bar) cleaned up the disaster, the night swept by in an alarmingly fast pace, and before I know it, the night was over.

Getting back to “Champagne and Sparkle”….For those of you who couldn’t make it, it was a fabulous night of music, dancing, shopping, and all around Hollywood glamour.  Check out the amazing video by Lovespun Wedding Films.

Click here to see the film from the party.

My next order of business:  dress stars for the Golden Globes.  The thing about the Golden Globes, as with any other award show that we participate in, is that we don’t know who we are going to dress until the week of the event.  Don’t worry,  I’ll give you all the details later in the week.